Zaytoun olive oil voted Nation's Favourite Organic Product!

July 9, 2021

Yes, that’s right! Thanks to all your votes, Zaytoun olive oil from Palestine is now officially the Nation’s Favourite Organic Product!

We won the award at the Soil Association’s BOOM Awards 2021 (Best of the Organic Market), and we were up against some of our favourite organic brands, including Riverford and Booja Booja. It was tough competition and we’ve been celebrating ever since!

Our Fairtrade raw almonds were also a finalist in the Best of Organic Snacks category.

Thank you for your votes!

Zaytoun MD, Manal Ramadan White, said: “On behalf of the Zaytoun team, and the farmers of the Palestine Fairtrade Association who are producing this delicious organic olive oil while facing immense daily challenges and injustices posed by the occupation, we thank you for voting and recognising their dedication and hard work.” 
“We are fortunate to work with producers and suppliers who respect the soil, who have not only held on to the wisdom passed down from their forebears but have adapted it to suit their own circumstances, as well as our planet’s. They do this with love and commitment under the most challenging circumstances.  
For decades Palestinian farmers have faced severe barriers in carrying out their normal day-to-day agricultural activities caused through restrictions on movement and lack of access to their own water resources. 
The oil in this bottle is from olives that have been hand-picked from rain-fed trees that are nestled on beautiful terraces in the West Bank, lovingly tended by farmers, while they face the daily challenges and injustices of life under occupation. 
Palestinian olive trees are amongst the oldest in the world – they signify a connection to a long and rich history, and now as the word spreads farther and wider about this oil, with every purchase we are making organic farming in Palestine more viable and attracting a younger generation to this important sector. Thereby helping shape a better future.  
Thanks to the Soil Association and Ocado for this award – it is a real boost for our team and to the growers that our company was founded to support.” 

Haj Rafeej, an olive and almond farmer from the ancient village of Ti’innik, explains the significance of his land and trees

Olive oil from Palestine

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