A celebration of food from land and sea by Joudie Kalla

Chef, Joudie Kalla, bestselling author of Palestine on a Plate, introduces readers to the Middle East’s best kept secret – Palestinian cuisine.

‘This book goes to the heart of the relationship between food and identity, and conveys a sense of belonging through beautiful, compelling and, yes, joyous recipes. I just want to eat everything in it.’
– Nigella Lawson

“Baladi” means “my home, my land, my country”, and here Joudie pays homage to her homeland by showcasing its wholesome, vibrant and truly delicious dishes. She takes an entirely flexible approach to cooking, using influences from her home to create new dishes, and bringing her own twist to more traditional recipes.

Baladi features recipes according to the area that they hail from, including land, sea, fields, and the orchard. Dishes are designed to complement one another, and Joudie explains which work well together as a meal, in addition to the varied and diverse origins of the recipes.

‘An important cuisine and culinary tradition that needs to be understood, celebrated, and enjoyed.’
– Anthony Bourdain


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