Activist and writer, Yasmin Khan, shares recipes and stories from her travels through Palestine including harvesting olives from the groves of Burquin and learning to hand-roll maftoul in home kitchens in Jenin.

With recipes for herb-filled salads, quick pickles, fragrant soups, tender roasted meats and rich desserts, it also has a special focus on vegetarian versions of Palestinian classics so you will find plenty of recipes for the Zaytoun products included in this cookbook!

A treat for yourself or a loved one, it comes with the quintessential Zaytoun box of your favourite Palestinian products:

• 500ml olive oil (organic & Fairtrade)
• 80g za’atar
•200 giant couscous maftoul (organic)
•200g green wheat freekeh
•250g Medjoul dates
•150g speciality raw almonds (organic & Fairtrade)

Zaytoun Collection with Zaitoun

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