Great Taste Award for Fairtrade almonds

November 24, 2020

Our Organic and Fairtrade raw almonds from Palestine have been awarded a Great Taste Award star by the Guild of Fine Foods. These speciality almonds, unique in the British market, are a regional variety named ‘Om Al-Fahem’ from trees that are predominantly rain-fed rather than irrigated. The nuts are hand-picked in summer before being sun-dried, so they’re bursting with summer sweetness. 

Generous looking almonds with a nutty aroma and a good crunch. The pure simple flavour of almonds.”

Great Taste Award Judges

Not only are they great-tasting, they’re also certified organic and Fairtrade – meaning that their production is sustainable for the environment and for the farmers who grow and harvest them. 

Zaytoun’s CEO, Manal Ramadan said: “At a time of global upheaval and a disturbing political landscape in Palestine, this recognition is more welcome than ever. This is the fruit of sustained regenerative farming practices and years of collaboration between Canaan Fair Trade and Palestine Fair Trade Association farmers who tend their lands with dedication and wisdom.”

Zaytoun’s range of fine foods from Palestine includes previous GTA award-winners green wheat freekeh, giant couscous maftoul and Medjoul dates.

“This is an excellent example of an almond in its raw state. Beautifully presented, prepared and handled whole almonds

Great Taste Award Judges

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