Fair trade with Palestinian producers

June 13, 2024

Zaytoun at 20: Nasser Abufarha is the visionary founder of Canaan Palestine and the Palestine Fair Trade Association. Here he gives his perspective on being a key supplier to Zaytoun since the early days.

Congratulations to Zaytoun on their 20th anniversary. This marks 20 years of partnership between Canaan Palestine, Zaytoun, and the Palestine Fair Trade Association.

Zaytoun’s early buy-in to our fair trade olive oil project was vital in enabling us to deliver on the fair trade promise of delivering fair prices and fair terms to family farmers. This, in turn, made fair trade ideas real to farmers early on.

20 years later, we have built a thriving fair trade movement in Palestine. We work with a network of farmers that organize over 2,500 family farms working under organic and fair trade standards spread over 50 villages across Palestine. In addition, many other fair trade producers and crafters have been established in Palestine, positively affecting different communities in myriad ways.

May our partnership continue to help our farmers overcome the many odds imposed on them economically and politically and help restore their lives in the lands they have cherished for millennia.


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