Fairtrade Fortnight

January 14, 2021

Every year, we invite Palestinian producers to the UK to meet our customers. It’s a chance for the farmers to tell their story, and let people know how choosing Fairtrade benefits them, their families and their communities.

Fairtrade Fortnight is at the heart of our mission, and each year we’re delighted to work with communities across Britain and Ireland to host pop-up suppers, speaking engagements at regional parliaments, places of worship and shops where Zaytoun products are sold.

Our 2021 plans are nearly finalised and will include a virtual visit to Palestine.

The Fairtrade Fortnight photo album

Since 2005, we’ve been coming together as a Fairtrade community in places as diverse as the remote Isles of Orkney to St Paul’s Cathedral in central London. Here’s a flick through a few of our photos over the years…

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