Why harvesting by hand helps support birds

November 27, 2020

In common with many of our customers, it is with sadness that we read the reports on the deaths of many migrating birds in southern Europe as a result of nocturnal ‘super-intensive’ harvesting of olive groves in that region.

The olive trees in Palestine from which Zaytoun’s oil is produced are never harvested either by night or by machine. The age-old practice of harvesting by hand is part of what makes our oil so distinctive; Palestinian farmers’ care of both the fruit and the trees, as well as good stewardship of the grove ecosystem as a whole, ensures not only a high quality artisan oil but a sound foundation for the sustainability of farming there.

The only intensive element in the production of our oil is the personal involvement of each family gathered in the groves for the two-week harvest period. And you can join in too on our one of the harvest trips to Palestine.

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