Medjoul News

February 1, 2024

In the aftermath of the events on October 7th, the West Bank has been profoundly affected by violence and restrictions, impacting every aspect of daily life as well as agriculture and trade.

Medjoul date growers and suppliers are a crucial part of the agricultural sector and the Palestinian economy as a whole. They have been grappling with significant challenges mainly due to the lack of security on roads, marked by increasing checkpoints, roadblocks, and threats from both settlers and occupation forces. This has meant that many have been unable to reach their place of work or have had to stay at home from fear of attacks. Many of the factory workers, especially on the sorting and packing lines, are women, who feel especially vulnerable, and have to make the choice to either stay at home or find overnight accommodation near their place of  work, away from their children and families for days at a time.

The lack of staff has led to delays in processing some of the fruit and in some cases has resulted in the degradation of fruit which does not impact its flavour, but does affect its appearance and could shorten its shelf life thereby eroding the overall value of the crop.

The plight of growers and traders has been further badly affected by the prevention of any date sales to Gaza. This market not only represented economic opportunities but also served as a vital connection to fellow Palestinians in need of essential food supplies.

Here at Zaytoun we are determined to continue to support the growers, producers, and workers, along with their families and communities, who depend on this special Palestinian crop.

Your choice of Zaytoun Medjoul dates contributes to sustaining these communities during these challenging times.

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