Giant couscous maftoul
Organic and hand-rolled with a nutty taste for pilafs, salads, tagines and soups

Our giant couscous maftoul, meaning hand-rolled, is a traditional Palestinian grain made from bulgur and whole wheat flour. Women prepare it today just as their grandmothers have always done, working together to crack, hand-roll and dry the organic wheat in the Palestinian sun.

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Palestinians enjoy Maftoul as a food fit for peasants and kings, served for sumptuous feasts at family parties and weddings. Often referred to as giant couscous, its firm texture and nutty flavour also make it a delicious alternative to other grains. It’s delicious in soup and stews, a wholegrain twist for risottos or as a hearty addition to salads.

Bulgur is a cracked form of durum wheat which is high in fibre and protein and was the staple grain in Middle Eastern kitchens for centuries.With this firm bulgur grain in its centre, maftoul can withstand longer cooking and retains an appealing bite.

In 2017, Zaytoun’s giant couscous maftoul was awarded a prestigious Great Taste Award. The judges commended the high quality, describing it as:

“Visually appealing, plump pearls of grain. The aroma is deeply earthy and smells of goodness…it is very, very tasty.”

Available in the following sizes: 200g, 5kg

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