Recipes and stories from the Palestinian kitchen by Yamsin Khan

Activist and writer, Yasmin Khan, shares recipes and stories from her travels through Palestine including harvesting olives from the groves of Burquin and learning to hand-roll maftoul in home kitchens in Jenin.

This book not only features the producers who supply Zaytoun, we also share a name – both Zaytoun and Zaitoun are different spellings of olive in Arabic!

With recipes for herb-filled salads, quick pickles, fragrant soups, tender roasted meats and rich desserts, it also has a special focus on vegetarian versions of Palestinian classics so you will find plenty of recipes for the Zaytoun products included in this cookbook!

“Generous looking almonds with a nutty aroma and a good crunch. The pure simple flavour of almonds. This is an excellent example of an almond in its raw state.”

Great Taste Award judge

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