Harvest tour

For many, visiting Palestine is a life-changing experience. It certainly was for us and it’s what impelled us to start Zaytoun in 2004 with the twin aim of supporting the farmers through sharing their wonderful produce with the world, and celebrating their rich cultural and culinary heritage.

Our week-long harvest tour offers an insight into the social and cultural landscape while visiting notable places such as Bethlehem and Jerusalem

It also offers the chance to meet some of the producer communities who supply our products from Nablus soap-makers to olive farmers in Jenin. Often the trip ends with a joyful olive harvest celebration.

Accommodation for the week’s trip is in local hotels or with farmers’ families. Visitors have the opportunity to witness first-hand the daily difficulties of life under occupation, yet also participate in the richness of Palestinian lives which transcend victimhood and political strife.


A typical itinerary from past tours include the following:

  • Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) Jerusalem tour
  • Tour of Hebron including Shuhada Street, souk, visit to Ibrahimi Mosque and meeting with local activists 
  • Visit to Tent of Nations
  • Tour of Bethlehem including separation barrier, Walled Off Hotel and Dheishe refugee camp
  • Meet with date farmers and share lunch in Jordan Valley
  • Tour of the old city of Nablus to see and hear about impact of settlements 
  • Visit to Anza Women’s Co-op, who make maftoul and lunch with them 
  • Baking with the women in Sebastya and tour of ancient heritage sites
  • Day in the olive groves with picnic lunch and visit to olive press
  • Time for sightseeing 

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