In conversation with Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley

August 26, 2021

Please join us in conversation with Palestinian chef, Sami Tamimi, and Tara Wigley, co-authors of Falastin: a Cookbook. We’ll be talking food, cooking, and of course Palestine.  

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Sami was born and raised in Jerusalem, and his career as a chef has led him to top restaurants in Tel Aviv and London, where he is the executive head chef at Ottolenghi. He co-authored Falastin with friend and colleague, Tara Wigley, and they travelled together in Palestine to research this modern cookbook. Billed as ‘a love letter to Palestine, the land and its people’ Falastin is an evocative collection of over 110 unforgettable recipes and stories.  

This is the book I’ve wanted to write for many years. There are so many Palestinian recipes and Palestinian stories I want to share…Falastin, which is the name of the book I’ve created with Ottolenghi long-timer Tara Wigley as my co-author, is our chance to home in and focus on the food, people and stories of Palestine.” Sami Tamimi

‘a vibrant collection of recipes that reflect Palestinian traditions and
yet is utterly contemporary. I really want to cook
everything in this.’
 Nigella Lawson

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