Palestinian olive oil on ITV

March 8, 2023
Imagine our excitement when we received an email from the popular ITV programme, James Martin’s Saturday Morning show. The team had heard about our Palestinian olive oil and were keen to hear more about our full range including maftoul, Medjoul dates, almonds and za’atar. We sent over the products to the test kitchen and then waited…
Chef James Martin creates a tagine with Zaytoun ingredients

They loved all the Zaytoun products and James planned to cook a tagine with our olive oil, maftoul, almonds and Medjoul dates. On Saturday 4th March our MD, Manal Ramadan-White, and co-founder, Heather Masoud, appeared on ITV! And while James cooked the chicken tagine, they talked about how Zaytoun products are produced in Palestine using time honoured farming skills and traditions.

Both James and his guest chef, Daniel Galmiche, loved the flavours and textures of our Palestinian products. It was an uplifting conversation, and a proud moment for us and the producers in Palestine who deliver Great Taste Awards winning products under the most challenging circumstances.

“These almonds and Medjoul dates are amazing… [please] thank the farmers in Palestine because the stuff that I’ve tasted here has changed my view on what a date should be. It really has and I’ve been cooking a long time.”

Chef James Martin

The Zaytoun interview is five minutes into the ITV programme, and you can catch up here:

Watch Zaytoun chatting to the chef, James Martin. Our interview is 5 minutes into the programme.
A recipe from chef James Martin for Chicken Tagine with Palestinian Maftoul

Chef James Martin cooked a delicious chicken tagine made with Palestinian olive oil, Medjoul dates and almonds, and served on a bed of giant couscous maftoul. James loved the maftoul saying; “Can you believe this is hand-made? Every one of these is handmade! It’s brilliant!”

You can shop for the maftoul, Medjoul dates, olive oil and almonds online and you can find your nearest shop on our stockist map.

“These dates are super soft, fudgy and firm, they seem to enclose the flavour. They are excellent.”

Chef Daniel Galmiche

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