Medjoul Dates have ripened and harvest has commenced

September 14, 2022
Whether you call them Medjoul dates or Medjool dates, these rich succulent fruits are now ripe and the harvest has begun in Palestine.

The palm groves are a hive of activity as teams gather to harvest the dates by hand. The quality of dates is exceptionally high this year and the harvest is looking bountiful.

However, it’s a mixed bag of news. In addition to the worsening political situation, cost price inflation is impacting every aspect of the production and export process, from growing the fruit to packaging and packing it. To compound this, the value of the pound has fallen and shipping costs have risen substantially. All this poses challenges for the producers who have larger volumes to export.

Climate change impact

The harvest is starting later than expected this year as the fruit was slow to ripen. A long, cold spring followed by a summer heatwave meant the fruit remained yellow for longer than usual.

The good news is that the dates are now plump, dark and succulent with a rich caramel flavour, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Medjoul dates, known as the ‘King of Dates’, being harvested by hand in Palestine.

Why choose Zaytoun Medjoul dates?

Our Medjoul dates are ethically sourced from Palestinian-owned farms in Jericho. They boast a luxurious, succulent texture and a caramel flavour. It’s no wonder they won a Great Taste Award!

Fair trade provides a vital source of income for Palestinian growers in the Jordan Valley. For these growers, finding a market for their produce supports them to retain their lands. Their livelihood and land are under daily threat from a military occupation and expanding illegal settlements.

Our regular visits to Palestine enable us to work closely with Palestinian growers and supply chains with whom we have now established long-term relationships.

Zaytoun was founded 18 years ago to support the resilience of Palestinian producing communities through fair trade. We reinvest 100% of our profits into furthering that mission.

Medjoul dates

Agriculture is the best way for us to keep our land in the Jordan Valley, to preserve it, and to preserve its Palestinian identity.

Momen Sinokrot, Palestine Gardens

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