Trees for Life

“They planted so we may eat, we plant so they may eat.”

Palestinian proverb

Zaytoun is proud to support Trees for Life, a tree planting programme run by the Palestine Fair Trade Association. So far Zaytoun customers have sponsored the planting of over 198,995 trees (as of 30th September 2023).

The programme offers an opportunity to take positive action to support Palestinian farmers, planting hope and affirming their right to land and livelihood. It also makes a wonderful ethical gift for seasonal and religious celebrations. 

The PFTA supports farmers whose land has been impacted by the occupation, and priority is given to young people and women who are starting out in farming.

The saplings are grown in nurseries and are 2-3 years old on average when they are distributed, which happens in December or January. They start bearing fruit between age of 5-7 years depending on a multitude of factors. Trees reach full maturity at around 15 years old.

UPDATE March 2024: Despite the escalating challenges in the West Bank, we are pleased to report that in January this year nearly 30,000 olive seedlings were distributed to farmers.
PLEASE NOTE: Any payments received from 1st October 2023 will go towards the December 2024/January 2025 planting season.

Let’s get tree planting!

It costs £20 for five olive tree saplings to be distributed by the Palestinian Fair Trade Association (PFTA). We keep administrative costs to a minimum and have outlined a simple process below. We’re happy to answer any questions, so please email or phone us before you purchase if you’d like to know more.

Please note that our system can only process certificates with the name written in the Latin alphabet, and we’re unable to alter them after purchase so please check the spelling carefully before completion.

How to plant a tree in Palestine:
  • Type the name(s) in English for each gift certificate.
  • For additional gift certificates for different recipients, make separate purchases.
  • You’ll receive an automated email for each purchase with a gift certificate attached.
  • The certificate will also be available on this page as a PDF download immediately after purchase.
  • If you do not see your certificate email (which is separate to the Stripe receipt) please check your junk/spam/clutter folders for emails from
  • Please see our FAQ for more information.

Thank you for planting trees in palestine

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