New! Dead Sea Bath Salt from Palestine

August 25, 2022

Bringing the healing benefits of the Dead Sea to the UK

For millennia, people have flocked to the Dead Sea for its therapeutic qualities. Its mix of magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium support cleansing and restoration of the largest organ in your body – your skin. Adding it to your bath or body scrub can also stimulate circulation, ease muscle cramps and relieve joint stiffness, and it offers a soothing footbath at the end of a long day. Even Cleopatra was said to bathe in the timeless medicine of the Dead Sea, and we’re happy to take a beauty tip from her!

So, it is with much excitement that we introduce Palestinian Dead Sea Bath Salt to the UK. It’s both an everyday luxury and an ethical gift.

At 424m below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth, and the salt crystals that have naturally formed over time are unique in their high mineral composition.

Sourced from the only Palestinian producer on the shores of the Dead Sea

A producer with an extraordinary story

We source our Dead Sea Bath Salt from the West Bank Salt Company, a family business which has been harvesting salt by hand on the Dead Sea since 1960. Founded by Eng. Othman Hallak, the business has survived and thrived despite the challenges of running a business in Area C.

Over their many years of trading, there have been several attempts to force Othman and his family from this 600 dunum (60 hectares) strip of shoreline, which is of vital importance – they are the only Palestinian family with rights to harvest salt from the Dead Sea.

Now under the management of Othman’s son, Husam, the company has grown to become a significant contributor to the local economy employing workers exclusively from the local community and supporting over a hundred families.

A key supplier of sea salt in the West Bank and Gaza, they are now targeting the export market as a means to boost their sustainability and resilience.

We’re thrilled to support the Hallak family to achieve this mission.

“Our aim is to bring the benefits of Dead Sea salt to every home.”

Husam Hallak 


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