The wheat harvest is in!

June 20, 2022
It’s been a busy few weeks for Firas Sadaqah, a full-time farmer and a member of the Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA). He has harvested 3,500kg of Heeti wheat, a landrace variety that is high in protein and fibre, which he had planted across his farm along with olive trees, sesame and vegetables such as tomatoes.

Firas is one of 15 farmers in the area who produce organic wheat, which has approximately 60% lower yield per dunum than conventional wheat.  

He plans to sell around half of his production to the PFTA and the rest on the local market. The PFTA is the association that supplies Canaan Palestine with olives, almonds, za’atar and other crops, as well as organic wheat.

Organic wheat for maftoul production 

Once the wheat is harvested, it’s milled at Canaan and turned into bulgur and flour. These are then delivered to the Deir Ballout Cooperative where the women get together to painstakingly roll the bulgur with the whole wheat flour by hand into sumptuous maftoul pearls.

More about organic Maftoul

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