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This Ramadan we invite you to break your fast with Medjoul dates from Palestine, to show solidarity with Palestinian farming communities.

Our Medjoul dates are ethically sourced from Palestinian-owned farms in Jericho. They boast a luxurious, succulent texture and a caramel flavour which makes them ideal for breaking your fast.

Fair trade provides a vital source of income for Palestinian growers in the Jordan Valley. For these growers, finding a market for their produce supports them to retain their lands. Their livelihood and land are under daily threat from a military occupation and expanding illegal settlements.

Agriculture is the best way for us to keep this land, to preserve it, and to preserve its identity

Momen Sinokrot, Pal Gardens

Why choose Zaytoun Medjoul dates?

Zaytoun was founded in 2004 to support the resilience of Palestinian producing communities through fair trade. We reinvest 100% of our profits into furthering that mission.

Our regular visits to Palestine enable us to work closely with Palestinian growers and supply chains with whom we have now established long-term relationships.

Buy Medjoul dates from Palestine


  • Choose Palestinian Medjoul dates to support farming communities to make a sustainable livelihood while living under occupation. They now also face unprecedented challenges posed by climate change and the high cost of production.
  • Experience the great taste of Palestine. Create your sumptuous Iftar feasts using our award-winning olive oil, Great Taste Award-winning maftoul and green wheat freekeh. Head over to our recipe page for inspiration.
  • Involve your local community and ask your local shops to stock Palestinian Medjoul dates this Ramadan.
  • Share our campaign posts, events and digital resources.
  • Post our campaign messages on social media and tag us using the hashtags #HalalAndTayyib #BuyPalestinian and #BreakingGood
Medjoul dates from Palestine

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