Fairtrade fortnight 2023

olive harvest in Palestine

Choose Fairtrade to protect the future of our food    

By choosing Fairtrade now, you are taking a stand with producersin Palestine and around the world for fairer incomes so they can protect the future of our food.  

Fairtrade and the cost-of-living crisis  

Producers in Palestine enjoy a rich heritage of farming and land stewardship, and Fairtrade supports them to preserve a way of life and continue to grow crops that are threatened with extinction.  

However, the cost-of-living crisis is taking its toll on them, as it is the world over. In addition to challenges faced by many small holder farmers, Palestinian farmers bear the unique burden of farming under an illegal occupation which imposes restrictions on movement and access to water resources. They also face the continuous risk of land confiscation by the occupying military forces or vandalism by settlers.   

Despite this, they continue to farm using the skills and knowledge passed down from generation to generation. They produce nourishing foods with outstanding flavour and have won Great Taste Awards for the olive oil, almonds, Medjoul dates, freekeh and maftoul.  

Now, production and fuel costs are all increasing beyond affordable levels and if farmers can’t earn enough to make a living from farming, they won’t be able to continue the grow the foods we love.   

Meet Doha Asous from burin


This year, Doha Asous, a family farmer from the ancient village of Burin, will be visiting the UK during Fairtrade Fortnight from 27th February to 12th March.   

There will be events in London, Glasgow, Bristol and Norwich.

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A role model for the future of farming


Doha produces a modest amount of olive oil and other food products for her family and local community and in a good year sells her surplus oil at the local market.  An inspiring role model for the future of farming, she has been collecting heirloom seeds for decades and is a passionate advocate for biodiversity, indigenous food and farming heritage and an active member of the Slow Food International movement.  

Burin’s location, surrounded by 3 hilltop settlements, means that the farmers face regular physical threats, and have to endure acts of vandalism against their land and trees. Burin co-operative is a member of the Palestine Fair Trade Association and the challenges posed by the ever-expanding settlements are echoed by farmers throughout the village.  

Zaytoun has known Doha for many years through her hosting of the Protective Presence team, a group of international visitors who volunteer in Palestine to support the local farming community in bringing their olive harvest home safely.  

5 ways to SUPPORT fairtrade in palestine

How zaytoun has SUPPORTed fairtrade in palestine since 2004

  • Offers a sustainable market in the UK and Ireland for Fairtrade Palestinian products  
  • Pioneered the certification of Palestinian oil as the world’s first Fairtrade olive oil  
  • Provides financial security by paying in advance  
  • Follows sourcing criteria that ensure transparency and fairness 
  • Promotes connections between farmers and consumers including hosting producers during Fairtrade Fortnight to share their stories  
  • Sources Fairtrade certified products (and organic) whenever possible. 
Almond farmer harvesting

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